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Sunday, September 11, 2011


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Abyssinia (Stockholm)
Albert's Table (Croydon)
Andalucia (Stockholm)
Aphrodite (Crystal Palace)
Belair House (Dulwich Village)
Bellini Restaurant (Edinburgh)
Beulah Spa (Croydon)
Bistro Mania (Croydon)
Bodega D Tapa (Brighton)
British Airway's Shameful All Day Deli
Cafe Piastowska (Stockholm)
Capri (Stockholm)
Capri Revisited (Stockholm)
Chateau Napoleon (Croydon)
Christi (London)
Christopher's (London)
Coach House (Brighton)
Cote (Brighton)
Darios Ristorante (Croydon)
Die Ecke (Stockholm)
Dolce Vita (Stockholm)
Donatello (Brighton)
El Cafe D'en Victor (Barcelona)
Elio (Croydon)
el Yantar de la ribera (Barcelona)
Franklins (Dulwich)
Galicia (Croydon)
Garbo's (London)
Green's Bar (Brighton)
Hard Rock Cafe (Stockholm)
Jardin de Provence (Croydon)
Kellaren Bohemia (Stockholm)
Kings (Brighton)
Krogen Soldaten Svejk (Stockholm)
La Barca (London)
La Bersagliera (London)
La Brasa (Croydon)
La Capannina (St Helier Jersey Channel Islands)
La Habana (Stockholm)
La Novita (London)
La Rueda (London)
L'Alsace (Paris France)
L'Autre (London)
Le Bien Manger (Croydon)
Leopardi (Stockholm)
Los Caracoles (Barcelona)
Luigi's (London)
L'unico (Croydon)
Maggie Jones's (London)
Mama Amalfi (Croydon)
Follow up to Mama Amalfi
Mama Angela (Croydon)
Mario (Croydon)
Martini (Stockholm)
Mi Burrito y Yo (Barcelona)
Moldau (Stockholm)
Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack (Brighton)
Myung Ga (london)
Nasza (Brighton)
Odin's (London)
Oscar's (Croydon)
Oscar's update (Croydon)
O Sole Mio (Dulwich)
Ozer (London)
Paco Alcalde (Barcelona)
Paladar de Cuba (Stockholm)
Pomegranate (Brighton)
Pret A Manger (Heathrow Terminal 1)
Quaglino's (London)
Restaurant 7 Portes (Barcelona)
Restaurant Lilla Pakistan (Stockholm)
Restaurante Ria De Vigo (Barcelona)
Restaurante Sedna (Barcelona)
Roast (London)
Rodolfino (Stockholm)
Sakura (Stockholm)
Shepherd's (London)
Simpson's (London)
Smiths of Smithfield (London)
Smollensky's Metro (Croydon)
Stallmastaregarden (Stockholm)
Tennstopet (Stockholm)
The Balmoral Christmas Day Brunch (Edinburgh)
The Banana Leaf (Croydon)
The Bleeding Heart Tavern (London)
The Blue Man (Brighton)
The Crazy H (Croydon)
The East India Club (London)
The Gay Hussar (London)
The Gaucho Grill (London)
The George Inn (London)
The Guinea Grill (London)
The Harbour Room (St Helier Jersey Channel Islands)
The New Maharajah's (Edinburgh)
The Old Bank Steak & Ribs (Brighton)
The Old Bell (Oxted)
The Polka (Croydon)
The Rib Room and Oyster Bar (London)
The Royal Garden (Croydon)
The Setting Sun (Brighton)
The Sir Charles Napier (Brighton)
The Surrey Cricketers (Croydon)
The Terraces (Brighton)
The Thistle Grosvenor Brasserie Bar (London)
The Toby Bar (Croydon)
The Townhouse Kemptown (Brighton)
The TreeHouse (Croydon)
Tower Restaurant (Edinburgh)
Trobador (Barcelona)
Ulaanbaatar Hotel (Ulaanbaatar Mongolia)
Unbaked Chocolate Biscuit Cake (similar to the one for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton)