Restaurant Reviews Index

Restaurant Reviews Index


Fed up with celebrity chefs drizzling sauces over undercooked pieces of meat? I am!

I regularly dine out and am happy to share my experiences with you.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


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Abyssinia (Stockholm)
Albert's Table (Croydon)
Andalucia (Stockholm)
Aphrodite (Crystal Palace)
Belair House (Dulwich Village)
Bellini Restaurant (Edinburgh)
Beulah Spa (Croydon)
Bistro Mania (Croydon)
Bodega D Tapa (Brighton)
British Airway's Shameful All Day Deli
Cafe Piastowska (Stockholm)
Capri (Stockholm)
Capri Revisited (Stockholm)
Chateau Napoleon (Croydon)
Christi (London)
Christopher's (London)
Coach House (Brighton)
Cote (Brighton)
Darios Ristorante (Croydon)
Die Ecke (Stockholm)
Dolce Vita (Stockholm)
Donatello (Brighton)
El Cafe D'en Victor (Barcelona)
Elio (Croydon)
el Yantar de la ribera (Barcelona)
Franklins (Dulwich)
Galicia (Croydon)
Garbo's (London)
Green's Bar (Brighton)
Hard Rock Cafe (Stockholm)
Jardin de Provence (Croydon)
Kellaren Bohemia (Stockholm)
Kings (Brighton)
Krogen Soldaten Svejk (Stockholm)
La Barca (London)
La Bersagliera (London)
La Brasa (Croydon)
La Capannina (St Helier Jersey Channel Islands)
La Habana (Stockholm)
La Novita (London)
La Rueda (London)
L'Alsace (Paris France)
L'Autre (London)
Le Bien Manger (Croydon)
Leopardi (Stockholm)
Los Caracoles (Barcelona)
Luigi's (London)
L'unico (Croydon)
Maggie Jones's (London)
Mama Amalfi (Croydon)
Follow up to Mama Amalfi
Mama Angela (Croydon)
Mario (Croydon)
Martini (Stockholm)
Mi Burrito y Yo (Barcelona)
Moldau (Stockholm)
Momma Cherri's Soul Food Shack (Brighton)
Myung Ga (london)
Nasza (Brighton)
Odin's (London)
Oscar's (Croydon)
Oscar's update (Croydon)
O Sole Mio (Dulwich)
Ozer (London)
Paco Alcalde (Barcelona)
Paladar de Cuba (Stockholm)
Pomegranate (Brighton)
Pret A Manger (Heathrow Terminal 1)
Quaglino's (London)
Restaurant 7 Portes (Barcelona)
Restaurant Lilla Pakistan (Stockholm)
Restaurante Ria De Vigo (Barcelona)
Restaurante Sedna (Barcelona)
Roast (London)
Rodolfino (Stockholm)
Sakura (Stockholm)
Shepherd's (London)
Simpson's (London)
Smiths of Smithfield (London)
Smollensky's Metro (Croydon)
Stallmastaregarden (Stockholm)
Tennstopet (Stockholm)
The Balmoral Christmas Day Brunch (Edinburgh)
The Banana Leaf (Croydon)
The Bleeding Heart Tavern (London)
The Blue Man (Brighton)
The Crazy H (Croydon)
The East India Club (London)
The Gay Hussar (London)
The Gaucho Grill (London)
The George Inn (London)
The Guinea Grill (London)
The Harbour Room (St Helier Jersey Channel Islands)
The New Maharajah's (Edinburgh)
The Old Bank Steak & Ribs (Brighton)
The Old Bell (Oxted)
The Polka (Croydon)
The Rib Room and Oyster Bar (London)
The Royal Garden (Croydon)
The Setting Sun (Brighton)
The Sir Charles Napier (Brighton)
The Surrey Cricketers (Croydon)
The Terraces (Brighton)
The Thistle Grosvenor Brasserie Bar (London)
The Toby Bar (Croydon)
The Townhouse Kemptown (Brighton)
The TreeHouse (Croydon)
Tower Restaurant (Edinburgh)
Trobador (Barcelona)
Ulaanbaatar Hotel (Ulaanbaatar Mongolia)
Unbaked Chocolate Biscuit Cake (similar to the one for the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Assorted Restaurants

In addition to the detailed reviews of the above restaurants, I have put together a list of some of the restaurants around the world that I have visited over the last two years; which I would be happy to visit again.

I would like to emphasise that the opinions expressed in my reviews are based on my subjective preferences, the quality of food and the quality of service at the time of the visit. This should in no way be taken as a guarantee of future excellence.

The list is ordered alphabetically by city.


Vesterbrogade 3

A splendid restaurant, situated in the Tivoli gardens, offering a good selection of carved meats; including succulent Danish ham. Whenever in Copenhagen I make a point of dining here. Great fun to walk around Tivoli after dinner!

St. Gertruds Kloster
Hauser Plads 32
1127 Copenhagen K

Phone 33 14 66 30

Spiral staircases and an ecclesiastical atmosphere, lighting provided by 1500 candelabra, serve as an exceptional backdrop to a very special restaurant and dining experience. The menu offers over 40 dishes.


Carvers Restaurant
George Hotel
19-21 George Street

Phone 0131 225 1251

A good quality, no nonsense carvery which has a good selection of cold cuts, and at least three different hot roast joints on the carving table. The carvery is set in an opulent, domed and lively dining room; worth working up an appetite for!

Grain Store
30 Victoria Street
Old Town

Phone 0131 225 7635

Good quality Scottish cuisine meat, game and fish; served in vaulted 18th century surroundings. Ideal for a romantic evening out.

Le Café Saint-Honore
34 North West Thistle Street Lane

Phone 0131 226 2211

A cosy, charming French bistro which serves good quality local produce.

The Vintners Rooms
The Vaults
87 Giles Street

Phone 0131 554 6767

Residing in the now refurbished and trendy Leith, this candlelit restaurant occupies an old wine merchant auction rooms. Excellent food and service, this is ideal for a memorable evening.


Standard Bank Building
Corner of Tyrwhitt & Craddock Avenue
South Africa

Phone 011 447 3210

A continental bistro that offers an extensive menu in a relaxed and cosy atmosphere. You will be warmly welcomed by the proprietor Janis.

The Grillhouse
The Firs
Oxford Road
South Africa

Phone 011 880 3945

A smart, lively steakhouse that serves an extensive range of steaks, chicken and fish dishes. Good quality food and service in a stimulating atmosphere. Try Katzy?s bar next door for a pre/post dinner drink, to the accompaniment of live music.


Old Swiss House
L?wenplatz 4
6004 Luzern

Phone 041 410 61 71

A traditional wooden house, built in 1859, with hand carved wall panels and stained glass windows; this serves as an ideal backdrop for dining on traditional Swiss cuisine. The friendly staff are dressed in traditional costumes.


Russkiy Pogrebok
Marriott Grand Hotel
26 Tverkaya St
Moscow 103050

Phone 7095 935 8500

An authentic Russian restaurant with live traditional music. Try the suckling pig, scrumptious!

New York

146 Mulberry Street
New York

Phone 212 966 1277

Little Italy's oldest restaurant. Absolutely splendid in my opinion, good food in a lively authentic New York Italian atmosphere. Tony Soprano would feel at home here!

228 West 52nd Street
New York

Phone 212 245 5336

In my opinion this is one of the finest steak houses I have ever dined in. Founded in 1927 by Helen Gallagher, it is the genuine article in a sea of second rate steakhouse chains. The meat, all USDA prime, hangs in a chilled glass cabinet visible in the entrance lobby, should you prefer a lobster then select a live one from the tank. No visit to New York is complete without visiting this most excellent eatery. Go for it!

46 East 50th Street
between Park and Madison
New York

Phone 212 688 2760 61

A splendid Italian restaurant, good food and attentive service; presided over by Frank Giambelli who has been awarded the Commendatore della republica Italiana.

Les Halles
411 Park Avenue South
Between 28th & 29th Street
New York

Phone 212 679 4111

An excellent French bistro, which is also a boucherie. Eva and I went there on Bastille day one year, it was very lively! Well worth a visit.

San Martin?s
143 East 49th Street
New York

Phone 212 832 0888

A lively, friendly Mediterranean restaurant serving an extensive menu of steaks, lamb, chicken, seafood and pasta. Something for everyone. My favourite dishes being the Fagioli Neri (spiced black bean soup) and the Pollo Arrostito (juicy baby chicken), gorgeous!


Dolce Vita
Kungsholmsgaten 16

Phone 08 650 60 80

A good quality Italian restaurant with an extensive menu, including steaks and home made pizzas. Good service and food, served in a bright and cheerful restaurant.

Dragon Palace
Kornhamnstorg 55
Old Town

Phone 08 20 53 40

The first Dim-Sum Chines restaurant in Stockholm. Genuine Chinese food, a pleasant change from pickled herring!

Restaurant KB

Phone 08 679 60 32

An elegant restaurant serving traditional Swedish cuisine in a relaxed and civilised atmosphere. Good service, good food and a great atmosphere. Have a pre dinner cocktail in the bar, our favourite watering hole when we lived in Stockholm.

Oestgaeta Kallaren
Ostgaetagatan 41

Phone 643 22 40

Traditional Swedish country food served in a rustic pub atmosphere. The Eisbein is outstanding!

46 Styrmansgatan 57

Phone 662 81 03

A first class restaurant ideal for a special evening out. Good quality food, this offers both traditional Swedish and international, served in elegant surroundings.


Argentiina Restoran
P?arnu mnt. 19

Phone 6 605 177

A rather jolly Argentinean restaurant in the heart of Tallinn, good atmosphere and good food.


Steak house Hazienda
Mairionio 13

Phone 22 20 87

A good quality steak house with a courtyard, ideal for a summer's evening.